Metal Removal


Mercury Amalgam Removal


Scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that various metals have cytotoxic, immunological and carcinogenic effects, along with an influence on the person’s metabolism. 

There are 3 ways in which metals can impact the body:

  • Toxicity (How poisonous it is): Dental amalgams contain mercury, copper, tin, and silver. These form covalent bonds that result in the complete disabling of an enzyme’s ability to function. In addition, when they come in contact with the saliva these corrode, basically they rust and these are swallowed.
  • Immunological component: None of the metals used in dental restorations has a function in the human body. Almost every metal is seen as a foreign substance by the body’s immune system, making it liable to trigger an allergy.
  • Electrical component: With mobile phones towers, WIFI, radar, and government networks, we are exposed to a wide range of frequencies and forms of electromagnetic radiation. This means that fixed metal restorations and titanium implants in the oral cavity act as small antennas which cause hypersensitive disruptions in the nervous system, plus amplified radiation and warming of the surrounding tissue.

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