Root Canal Removal

How are teeth involved in the origin of chronic diseases?

Root Canal Removal

Root canaled teeth, in some instances will become reinfected.

Once a tooth has a root canal, the living part of it has died and it has been replaced by an inorganic material.

We consider removing the root canals if:

1. there is evidence of acute infection – bone loss in a dental x-ray. Bone loss means something must be eating away at your bone. That something eating bone is bacteria, fungus and your immune system.

2. if there is pain – pain on biting indicates acute infection and inflammation in the bone and gum surrounding a root canal tooth

3. if there is swelling – swelling means bacteria are in such high numbers that they have spread to another space such as your mouth, cheek or sinus.

4. if the root canal tooth smells bad – the bad smell is usually coming from bad gases produced by the bacteria and fungus in your tooth

5. if the root canal tooth is significantly darkened – dark teeth are usually full of fungus and bacteria. Dark teeth are usually leaking bacteria and fungus in higher numbers and are a huge risk for abscess.

6. If you have any systemic illness that may be caused by the root canal.